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Cotton Fabric

Cotton is the most versatile fabric owing to its organic origins, historical familiarity, breathability, and ability to shape into various dresses. The cotton fabric material is made naturally from the fibres of the cotton plant. Cotton is skin-friendly and is most desired in hot and humid areas, making it the best choice for the Indian sub-continent. This fabric is made with various weaves and counts like Mul Mul, Satin, Jacquard, Dobby, Cambric, Voile, Slub, Glazed etc., making it an ideal fabric for casual to heavy garments.

Printed & Plain Cotton Fabric

Whether hand block prints, screen prints or digital prints, printing on cotton fabric is easy. However, plain cotton cloth material remains popular among fabric buyers. In India, various quality plain cotton fabrics like Cambric, Mul Mul, Poplin, Voile, South Cotton, Cotton Satin, Organdy, 2X2 Rubia etc., are used by customers.

Uses of Cotton Fabric

Cotton has a wide range of applications in the clothing industry owing to its versatile, breathable and drapable nature. The few most common uses in dress materials are below:

1. Daily Clothing: Garments like kurta sets, casual gowns, suits, skirts, and shrugs can be easily made of cotton. Such garments are appropriate for everyday wear and give easy movement throughout the day.
2. Blouses: Durable, stable, and perfect plain weave cotton fabrics are used to make blouses, dresses, crop tops, peplum tops, and overlays, which can go with any skirt, or saree.
3. Sarees: Soft cotton and Mul cotton are often used to make comfy sarees. Also, cotton Ikat saree, handloom Cotton Saree, and Mangalgiri Border Saree are most in-demand among corporate women since this type of handloom cotton is both chic and comfy.
4. Dupatta & Stoles: Soft fine cotton-like mulmul and voile are used in dupattas and stoles, which are lovable and easy to carry.
5. Men's Kurta: Cotton cloth material makes comfortable Men's kurta which can help them in hot and humid weather. Kurta of handloom cotton, Ikat, Bandhani and Leheriya are in Trend and can be used for casual and functional purposes.
6. Shirting: Beautifully textured weaves of cotton create a smooth and stiff finish that is very comfortable to the skin, and it helps reduce sweat and is perfect for formal shirts to casual day-to-day fashions.
7. Pants and Bottom: Thick, High Thread count cotton fabric is well known for making bottom wears like Cigar pants, straight pants, palazzo, wrap-around skirts, pleated skirts, culottes etc.

    Cotton fabric is also widely used in home furnishing, home linens & decorative accessories.

    How to Choose the Best Cotton Fabric?

    The first step in choosing the correct fabrics is to ascertain if the fabric content is 100% cotton. When looking to buy fabric online, check for description, and if you are buying offline, ask the salesperson for clarification. Suppose you cannot get a clear indication from the product description. Then, it is safe to assume that the fabric is blended cotton or synthetic fabric with a cotton feel. Such materials, while being cheaper, do not provide comfort and breathability like 100% cotton fabric or pure cotton fabric.

    We only deal with high-quality, beautiful cotton material online at Just Fabric. If you want to learn more, you may read the product title for each fabric.

    Why You Should Buy Cotton Fabric Online?

    Apart from being convenient, the main reason for buying cotton fabric online is the availability of varieties. Moreover, you can browse through search engines and find numerous fabric options and reliable sellers in a single go which is nearly impossible when you visit an offline store. In addition, online stores provide a clear product description that helps you choose the right fabric.