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As you already know, silk is a natural fibre, specifically a protein fibre. There are few varieties of silk that can be changed into textiles. Generally, silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of silkworms, that is, from the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori which are bred in captivity. The process of producing silk is known as sericulture. India is the only country with five varieties of silk: Mulberry, Tropical Tussar, Temperate Tussar, Muga and Eri. AT iTokri, you can find all of these silk fabrics at the most affordable prices. So check out the list below to see some of our best-selling silk fabrics!

Buy Exotic And Beautiful Silk Fabrics Of Various Kinds On iTokri.

  1. Light-Lavender - Pure Modal Silk Plain Fabric: Modal silk is a fabric that is exceptionally soft, shiny and highly lustrous. This fine quality plain dyed silk fabric has been sourced from Kutch and is highly comfortable and luxurious.
  2. Copper Orange- Pure Mashru Silk Plain Fabric: Mashru silk is a fabric quite similar to Modal silk, and this fine quality plain dyed fabric has been sourced from Kutch. We have a whole range of Mashru silk fabrics in various colours.
  3. Traditional Pure Handloom Silver Tissue Chanderi Silk Fabric: Since handloom fabrics are so popularly coveted, this fine quality handloom chanderi silk tissue with zari borders will steal your heart; it is that irresistible!
  4. Red- Maheshwari Silk Cotton Pure Handloom Fabric with Zari Border: Another silk fabric is this Maheshwari silk cotton pure handloom fabric. This too has zari borders like our last listing, and you can get this fabric in several colours.
  5. Dark Blue- Vidarbha Tussar Silk Cotton Handloom Fabric: Handloom fabrics never go out of style, so check out this dark blue tussar silk-cotton handloom fabric. You can get this in other colours as well.
  6. Purple- Pre Washed Plain Pure Silk fabric: Lastly, if you are just looking for a plain pure silk fabric that would be great for everyday looks, this is the fabric you are looking for. We have this fabric in various colours as well.

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Q1. What are silk fabric examples?

Ans. There is not just one type of silk produced, as you would know. Silk can be sourced from different varieties of silkworms, and hence every kind of silk carries other qualities. Here are some of the most common silk fabric examples- chiffon, charmeuse, crepe-de-chine, georgette, dupion silk, organza, silk satin, velvet etc.

Q2. What are the five varieties of silk?

Ans. India is the only country that produces five varieties of silk. The five varieties of silk are Mulberry, Eri, Tropical Tussar, Temperature Tussar and Muga. Among these, mulberry silk is the most popular variety of silk produced and contributes to 79% of India’s silk production.