Collection: Georgette

Georgette Fabric Material

Georgette fabric is lightweight, flowy, breathable, and semi-sheer. Georgette material is woven using tightly curled yarns by twisting S-twist and Z-twist in opposite directions. This gives it a grainy and crinkled feel resulting in a beautiful, structured appearance. Some distinct qualities of georgette material are that it is tear-resistant and can hold dyes quite well. Pure georgette fabric is woven from pure silk, and synthetic georgette fabric is woven from rayon, polyester, viscose, and nylon.

Types of Georgette Fabric

Various types of georgette fabrics are differentiated based on their content, make and dye-prints. Polyester Georgette, Viscose Georgette, Silk Georgette, etc., are examples of content based georgettes. Dyed georgette fabrics are in high demand in the fashion industry, and polyester dyed Georgette are preferred due to their strength, long-lasting ability and economical cost. Viscose georgette and silk georgette are generally sold as dyeable Georgette and are dyed as per the buyer's requirement.

Uses of Georgette Fabric

Being a type of crepe fabric, georgette drapes and layers beautifully which makes it ideal for sarees, blouses, dresses, glamorous gowns, and bridal wear. Especially silk georgette, which has a lustrous appearance and can be embroidered. Both pure and synthetic georgette fabrics can be dyed in several gorgeous hues and shades. Vibrant prints and embroidered material sit exquisitely with different georgette fabrics and are quite trendy. Georgette fabrics are incredibly versatile and add dimension when layering over another garment. Its lightweight texture makes it easy to handle, and therefore, pleated, flared, and sheer georgette dresses look stunning in spring and summer.

How to Choose the Best Georgette Fabric?

Whether you're purchasing georgette material online or in-store, it's crucial to keep specific pointers in mind to find the right fabric.

  • It's important to be able to differentiate between the two types of georgette fabrics, i.e., pure and synthetic Georgette. The key difference lies in the texture, fall, and feel.
  • The georgette cloth needs to be in a single cut for a saree. Similarly, a heavy dressing gown will require more georgette fabric. So, buy the fabric according to your requirement.
  • If you want to get a summer-appropriate dress stitched, then plain georgette fabric, dyed polyester georgette fabric, and print georgette fabric are perfect.
  • Make sure the georgette material is authentic before purchasing dress material online.