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At Just Fabric, you will get luxurious crepe material in a wide range and variety. We have beautiful floral poly crepe fabric, soft yet crisp moss-printed crepe fabric, smooth plain butter crepe in a riot of colors, and grainy imported Crepe. To add to the beauty of the material are the beautiful prints ranging from classic floral to fashionable polka and fun geometric patterns.

Uses of Crepe Fabric

Crepe is favoured by fashionistas and is used to make garments like dresses, sarees, suits, pants, gowns, palazzos, dhoti pants and more. Many also use it for home decor items like curtains, pillowcases etc.

The sheen and fall of crepe fabric have made it extremely popular in textile and fashion. For high-end or adventurous fashion, many designers prefer crepe cloth because it has a beautiful drape and wrinkles less.

Some crepe outfit ideas that we love- A chic crepe blazer for a neat look. A jumpsuit with this fabric can easily be used for work or a date with your besties, pair it with the right accessories, and you are good to go. Nothing is as comfortable yet stylish as a crepe kaftan. You get the idea! Let your imagination take over!

About Crepe Fabric

Crepe fabric is distinct because of its unique surface, which feels crinkled or pebbly, and the fabric drapes excellently. It can be smooth or rough and range from thin and light to thick and heavy, depending on the manufacturing process. However, all Crepe fabric has the same deliberately wrinkled appearance, and numerous manufacturing methods achieve this look. It can be either woven or knitted. The unique appearance of this fabric is due to the tight weaving and twisting of the fibres before weaving.

Crepe is a luxury fabric traditionally fashioned from silk fabric but is now available in nearly any material. The origin of crepe material is difficult to ascertain; however, it was used in many cultures. For example, ladies traditionally wore crepe fabric during mourning in many Western societies, although this tradition is no longer followed.

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